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Why Sobar Certified?

●    Increased Profitability and Sales: “The last two years have seen consumer attitudes to the Low and No (alcohol) category transform, and demand has exploded as people have focused on their health in a post-pandemic world, bolstered by more quality alcohol free options being available. Nothing demonstrates this more than the fact that close to 1 in 3 bar visits are now alcohol-free and 37% of consumers drink alcohol-free at home at least once a week.” From the KAM Low-No-2022 Study

●    Increased Attendance: Consumers Want Non-Alcoholic Choices: “More than half of all consumers say they are looking to reduce their alcohol intake this year, which is at its highest level seen since KAM started our annual research into the low & no category. The desire to reduce alcohol intake rises to as high as 65% for Gen Z, supporting the theory that the younger generations are more in-tune with their alcohol consumption habits.” From the KAM Low-No-2022 Study.

●    Equity and Inclusion: Non-drinking guests feel valued when a host is thoughtful about the

choices they offer.  If you are serving beer and wine, why not include alcohol-free beer and wine? Serving a full bar?  There are now zero alcohol spirits available. No matter what alcohol you are serving, soda and water are not equitable options.

●    Supporting Recovery: Many non-drinking guests, especially those in recovery from alcoholism or addiction, do not want to stand out. Having choices for them that are clearly promoted as alcohol free allow them to feel included. Serving alcohol-free cocktails or nonalcoholic beer are options that allow people in recovery to feel included at social events where alcohol is served. 
In early recovery, feelings of isolation are common, and the fear of being excluded or seen as different can contribute to a slip or relapse. Including this beverage category at events creates opportunities for people in recovery to connect with friends who drink and demonstrates that eliminating alcohol doesn’t remove the fun or dampen the party atmosphere.

●    Value for Non-Drinking Guests: Your non-drinking guests pay the same amount for tickets to attend your events. The choices in what they are offered to drink should be equitable.

Our Certified Partners

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